Our focus lies on the manufacturing of new parts and the repair of precision-engineered and welded assemblies in the defense sector. Our products can be found in vehicles such as the Leopard family, the PzH 2000, the Gepard, the Wiesel, and the Marder.

New Part Manufacturing.

We have extensive expertise in the development and manufacturing of precision-engineered and welded assemblies. Over the years, we have built up a comprehensive portfolio of certified products and positioned ourselves as a reliable partner to the industry and end users.

Whether it’s a single gearbox part or complete suspension arm assemblies in high volumes, we manufacture according to the requirements placed upon us. Our products must withstand the most challenging conditions, we therefore place a strong focus on quality.


In addition to new part manufacturing, repair is one of our core competencies. Whether it’s a simple component or a complex assembly, there’s hardly a vehicle part that we haven’t handled.

From initial assessment through disassembly, repair, and final assembly, we have built up extensive expertise over the years. Our employees are experts at making even the most worn-out products functional again.

Custom Solutions..

In addition to new part manufacturing and repair, we offer a wide range of custom solutions for our customers – whether it’s development work, prototype construction, test bench development, or sales and logistics solutions. Whatever our customers’ needs may be, we stand ready as partners to find the appropriate solution.


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